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C-Guide v2.0

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To understand the benefits of the Version Two Bionicon Chain Guide (If its not already obvious) check out the quick One Minute YouTube Video Below!


Key Features


For the coming season the new c.guide v.02 will arrive. The weight is still below 20 grams but a host of improvements have been made.


_ split design

The whole construction is 2 part so allowing fitting over the gear cable and chain with no disassembly! Fitting is even quicker than before.


_ universal hinge

The c.guide v.01 required the gear cable to run along the underside of the chainstay for optimum fitting. Version v.02 can be fitted to any bike with a normal chainstay design. This increases the number of potential users enormously.


 _ cable hinge

The c.guide can still be fitted over the gear cable meaning the cable hinge is not needed. This gives a small weight saving and a cleaner look.


 _ pivot tube

The guide tube now features a pivot and follows the chainline much better whether with 2 or 3 chainrings. Reduced chain noise and lower wear are the result.


_ multicolor

We now offer black, red, blue, green, pink and gold colour options. Further colours will be added at a later stage.


c.guide v.02 - the most innovative chain retention system