c-Guide Eco Price: $29.95

Bionicon c.guide eco - Currently $20 OFF

Our latest c-Guide, the Bionicon c-Guide eco chainguide has exceeded all of our  expectations. Stepping out of the shadow of our best selling c.guide v.02 was a huge challenge but our engineering team have pulled off a new masterpiece.

The wish list looked tough....

The new c.guide should be cheaper, lighter, create less friction and be easier and quicker to fit. Our developers had to completely re-invent the c.guide; in order to make the impossible possible.

The result: the best and lightest c.guide ever! Thanks to the material characteristics of the the Bionicon c.guide eco and its design the bike is; asthetically and functionally enhanced, in an area where many cyclists pay no attention.

The c.guide eco holds the chain in position reliably and silently and has;proven its performance in race conditions from XC to Enduro.

And the c.guide v.02?  It becomes as happy and proud early pensioner and with limited stocks still available here at RideWERX.

Advantages c.guide eco

- lower price (when the exchange rate doesn't drop!)

- super fast, universal fitting

- excellent damping characteristics

- mechanically less sensitive to dirt ingress

- has 3 planes of movement - roll, pitch and twist

- ultra light (14 gr.)

- suitable for 1-/2-/3- ring cranksets



During the product development phase we were able to introduce a completely new manufacturing technology allowing different material components to be combined as a ONE-PIECE design.  

The rigid and tough upper part fixes the c.guide securely to the bike frame. The flexible middle part made of elastomer (TPE) holds the chain guide tube in position and allows it to track the chainline in three planes of movement.

The chain is damped against vibrations and can run almost noise free through the c-guice eco.