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B-Ring BCD Mount 32T


B-Ring OVAL - pedalling evolved


Climbing just got easier:


1-x 10/11 drivetrains have been embraced by riders worldwide looking for a simpler, lighter and cleaner bike set-up. Losing 2 or 3 front rings reaps numerous benefits but the major drawback is the decreased range of gears making long or steep climbs a real struggle.


Elliptical chainrings ease the pain by creating a virtual gear ratio, which effectively varies by -2 or +2 teeth during each turn of the pedals.


The downside of elliptical rings is the decreased shifting quality when used with multiple ring drivetrains.


The B Labs B-ring OVAL is a win-win-win upgrade for all 1 by 9/10/11 transmissions!


Features (short):


  • alternating tooth profile for ultimate chain retention


  • virtual range - elliptical shape simulates -2 / + 2 teeth as you ride


  • offset chainline - mounting position to optimised for 2 or 3 ring cranks


  • direct thread mount - no more 2 part chainring bolts or bloody knuckles!


  • high-strength 7075-T6 Aluminium alloy


  • black anodized, lasered finish


Features (long):


The alternating tooth profile ensures your chain stays put on the chainring without requiring use of an upper frame or BB mounted chain guide or even clutch rear mech. For ultimate peace of mind use a c guide ECO to add chain security and cut noise.


Virtual gear range - roadies, triathletes and XC racers have long known about the benefits of oval chainrings. The elliptical shape provides more torque at the weak-spot of the crank position. An oval ring can 'virtually' give you -2 teeth lighter gears in your crank weak-spot and +2 teeth harder gears in your sweet-spot. Your pedalling will become noticeably smoother! At first you might think not to feel a difference, but then try to get back to normal round ring and see, what happens...


Offset chainline - replacing 2 or 3 chainrings with a single ring can open a whole can of chainline worms! Our BCD104 and direct mount rings create a narrower chainline than standard 2x10 or 3x10 cranks on the equivalent chainring. B-Rings have a narrower chainline than other 1-by chainrings. The benefits of our increased offset design are: 
1. less chain wear in low gears because of reduced diagonal chain run
2. less friction in low gears due to reduced diagonal run of the chain
3.  reduced noise in low gears


Direct Thread mount - You fit the chainring with one standard chainring bolt, the thread is machined into the chainring. Until now chainrings were fixed by a 2 part bolts. When tightening the outer part the inside fixing inevitably rotates. Unless you have the special tool for holding the inner part fitting chainrings often ends in bloody knuckles or creaking drivetrains. Getting rid of the inner bolt part saves weight, reduces fitting hassles and helps keep your skin on your hands.


  • Frequently Asked Questions - B-Ring FAQ's can be found on this page.