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Our Most Commonly Asked Questions About The B-Ring

  • - What does 32 +/-2 (e.g) mean?

32 refers to 360°, so at 360° the OVAL 32T is same as standard 32T. The small side is 32-2=30 and the long side is 32+2=34.

  • - Do the chainwheels work with any chain?

We recommend to use them with SRAM and Shimano 10-speed and 11-speed chains, but they will also work with some other chains.

  • I am riding a 32T standard wheel,  which one should I go for OVAL?

Go for the same teeth number as your current one, if you were happy with it. The Oval shape will give you some extra torque on steep climbs, but also it will give you the same top speed on flat roads.

  • Do you offer Race Face Cinch?

Only while stock lasts unfortunately. 

  • What´s the difference between SRAM GXP version and BB30/PF30 version?

Just the offset. It is possible to mount a GXP version on a short spindle BB30 crank but it will give you a  more narrow chainline (~5-6mm more narrow than originally intended) Some people use GXP versions on BB30 short spindle cranks on purpose to create a narrow chainline for perfect chain angle in light gears, but yu might want to check if your chainwheel does not contact your chainstay, because it will be closer to the frame.